Sneaky Tony’s

Speakeasy prohibition Rum bar, somewhere in Chinatown, Northbridge Just like a scene out of the movies a password is required for entry Friday & Saturday`s, just knock on the door when you find it and you will be greeted with a set of eyes out of the peep hole. Behind the bar you’ll count 260 plus rums for dark n’ stormy mixes or served neat for straight up gunslingers. Passwords are notified on their Facebook at 3pm on the day

Somewhere in Chinatown, Northbridge- Happy adventures!

Dress Code:

CasualĀ Attire

Get Social:


Business Hours:

Mon-Sun: 4pmĀ -12am



Weather Forecast

ClearSundayClear10%Partly CloudyTomorrowPartly Cloudy0%ClearTuesdayClear0%ClearWednesdayClear0%Partly CloudyThursdayPartly