Senor Pepper’s

Energetic, vibrant and fun all mixed into the same flavour gives you Senor Pepper’s, the hottest place in Northbridge. Roaring above Leopard Lady, this South-American inspired club will offer you something you have never seen before and be sure to get the pulse racing. Extravagant décor and mind blowing colours intended to transport you to a holiday destination, somewhere the tequila is flowing and the music makes you move.If you’re looking for after-hours madness, this is the dance floor to be on. Enjoy decorated wall art and party with their skeletons as you relish that beloved rooftop view in Northbridge.

163 James Street, Northbridge, Western Australia 6003

Dress Code:

Casual Attire

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Business Hours: 

Fri-Sat: 9:00pm-4am








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